Craft Magic

Hello everyone!

I am a big crafter and the best community of crafters online, that I have found, is that of Craftster. Their forums are fantastic even though I’ve only been a bit of a lurker. I’ve finally taken the plunge and signed up for one of their craft swaps. Now, what exactly is a craft swap you say? It’s ¬†exactly what it sounds like. Everyone who is interested signs up, an organizer pairs people up, and then they swap crafts (by mail)! Craft swaps are organized by topic or theme, something that all of the participants find interesting. I’ve signed up for the Doctor Who swap, since I am a rather large Whovian. I’ve looked at the galleries of past Who Swaps and I must say that I’m really excited by the range of possibilities.

Lolita is a big thing for me, so maybe I’ll make some Loli-Who things. Frilly bowties and TARDIS cuffs. That’s silly sounding… for now. I know that as soon as I make them, they’ll be ah-mazing. Oh silly ideas in my head that need to come out…

I guess I will know more when I get my partner about what I should make but I’m rather overwhelmed at the moment. Too many possibilities? Psh…. I do know that I will be learning how to write Circular Gallifreyan specifically for this. Not sure what it’s going to be on but I do know that it is going to be awesome. Any Whovians out there with some brilliant ideas I can steal?