Happy 12/12/12! And A Life Update

Been a while since I posted here, eh?

I’ve been up to quite a bit. Got the job at Sephora and have been working there part time for a few weeks now. So now I am working two part time jobs in addition to working on my portfolio.

We’ve had our first snowfall here in the Princess City. I believe this is the first snow I’ve seen since I was about 7! Can you believe that! That was in Northern California on one of the family trips. We’re definitely not in Florida weather habits anymore!

Nah, just snow with a pink filter. Girly snow.


The kitties kept looking out the window at it. I don’t think they were sure what it was. Only one of them was ever allowed to go outside (after we adopted them fully, they had a feral momma) so for the buddy, Yuri, everything in the outside world is kind of foreign. Kira, his sister, is only used to a little bit of rain when she escaped in Florida for an evening. All the excitement either of them get now is looking out the window at all the bizarre Indiana weather.

Girly snow on tree branches.


It really built up over night, hence the night photos. The next day the inch or so we had mostly lasted until the early


I have finished the pink dress that I worked on for about a month off and on.

Here it is, just a quick picture. In January I’ll be using it in a photoshoot and it will be much better showcased. It’s going to be part of my portfolio, either as an experimentation or as a final piece.



Guys, not gonna lie, this was one of the most time consuming things I’ve ever made, not to mention one of the most material consuming things. But, my goodness, was it exciting when I finished! I’m not entirely sure how many yards of fabric went into this monster of a dress, but it’s got to be somewhere in the 20 yard range. I haven’t weighed the skirt but I have tried the whole getup on and after a while it is painful. I hope my poor model is strong enough to keep this on for however long it takes to get the shot.

This was also my first foray into hoop skirt making. I probably need to fix the one that’s being used right now because the joints where the end of the hoops meet are not stable and the waist tie is so narrow that it might hurt my model. I wasn’t thinking about the weight the hoop skirt would have to hold up when I was making it, not just in the weight of the hoops themselves (the piping that I used is sturdy and flexible, good for getting through doors, but it comes at the cost of being rather heavy) but the skirt as well. Once I fix the skirt I plan on making several other versions, like a bustle guy, for future dresses. Part of the fascination with the hoop skirts is the recent marathon of Gone With The Wind on AMC that I watched. Mah goodness are those dresses amazing. Impractical, but amazing.

But I shall have to set aside much of my art until after mid-January since I’ll be travelling and will have to live out of what I can fit into a carry-on, which isn’t very much. Much sketching will ensue, just not a lot of sewing. Half of my holiday will be spent in VA with the boyfriend’s family, so I’ll still have to deal with  the cold (and possible snow), but we’re driving there so I may be able to work on my smaller sewing, but once I hop that flight to FL I’ll be strictly pen and paper. So excited to see my family, this is the longest I have gone without seeing them (6 months!! Holy cow!) and my friends (the north is cold and lonely!!!).

So to end this update post, some link love, my favorites of the moment:

1. Favorite perfume: Tokyomilk’s Bulletproof – but beware, this will make you smell deliciously devious. Disclaimer: Doesn’t actually make you bulletproof, just makes you smell like a BAMF.

2. Favorite non-musical movie: The Fountain – took me a while, but I finally saw it and so happy I did! Love R.W. and H.J.

3. Favorite musical movie: The Devil’s Carnival – seriously, this is the best thing ever. Great songs, great characters, and a great theme around Aesop’s Fables.

4. Favorite musical artist: Kimbra – she’s amazing, especially if you hear some of her live stuff.

5. Favorite blog: Jessica Naomi – I think I’m a bit of a fangirl for this lady and she doesn’t even know it. She’s seems like such an old soul, she really lives life and shares it with the world in such an artistic way.

6. Favorite business guru: Maria Forleo – planning my business and this lady is so much fun as well as being very informative! Go girl, go!

7. Favorite TV show: Once Upon A Time – the costumes and characters are good enough for me, it doesn’t even need the great plot it has already.

8. Favorite book: The Annotated Brothers Grimm – did you know that Rumpelstiltskin has many names? Like Tom Tit Tot, Ricdin-Ricdon, Gilitrutt, Tambutoe, and Whuppity Stoorie?

Hope you’re having a great December thus far!





Craft Magic

Hello everyone!

I am a big crafter and the best community of crafters online, that I have found, is that of Craftster. Their forums are fantastic even though I’ve only been a bit of a lurker. I’ve finally taken the plunge and signed up for one of their craft swaps. Now, what exactly is a craft swap you say? It’s  exactly what it sounds like. Everyone who is interested signs up, an organizer pairs people up, and then they swap crafts (by mail)! Craft swaps are organized by topic or theme, something that all of the participants find interesting. I’ve signed up for the Doctor Who swap, since I am a rather large Whovian. I’ve looked at the galleries of past Who Swaps and I must say that I’m really excited by the range of possibilities.

Lolita is a big thing for me, so maybe I’ll make some Loli-Who things. Frilly bowties and TARDIS cuffs. That’s silly sounding… for now. I know that as soon as I make them, they’ll be ah-mazing. Oh silly ideas in my head that need to come out…

I guess I will know more when I get my partner about what I should make but I’m rather overwhelmed at the moment. Too many possibilities? Psh…. I do know that I will be learning how to write Circular Gallifreyan specifically for this. Not sure what it’s going to be on but I do know that it is going to be awesome. Any Whovians out there with some brilliant ideas I can steal?