More on Tambour Beading and a Review

I received my order from Lacis for a .9mm Tambour Pointed Latch Hook (For wool chain-stitch embroidery). This is a little bit of a review for anyone who thinks they might want to buy supplies or tools from this company.

First of all, I ordered from their online website. As long as you are not buying wholesale, they offer free shipping. Of course this is still tricky because there is a $4.50 processing fee, but it’s still better than paying for both this fee and shipping. The tambour beading section is under the “Needlework Techniques” section and “Embroidery” subsection.

I had a hard time deciding which needle to buy as I am not sure what size needle works best for the sheer fabric that I am using. I decided to go somewhere in the middle at .9mm (from .055mm to 3mm), skewing towards a smaller needle. This will also give me a better gauge as to whether or not I should get a finer or larger needle. We shall see.

For payment, Lacis takes both Mastercard and Visa (Sorry American Express).

Lacis shipped my order to me super fast. Like, incredibly fast. You wouldn’t think it came from California and got across the US to me in like a week. I am always surprised by fast shipping. The package was a sturdy envelope, to keep the needle and its holder from getting damaged.

Overall I was very happy with my experience with Lacis. I think that if this embroidery thing works out I’ll be getting more needles from them.

I’ve tried using it once so far, but I failed miserably. I think it’s partly because I didn’t have something supporting the frame for me, and partly because I was impatient. Any sort of tutorial you find online for this technique tells you that patience is essential, especially at the beginning when you’re learning. Once you settle into a groove it will go a lot smoother. Let’s hope I can get over the hump.

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2012 RTW

Maybe not tambour beading, but I am obsessed with glittery shiny everything right now. And so is the rest of the fashion world (lucky for me).