I’m Back

It’s been a while, n’est pas? I’ve been up to a lot lately, so I’ll try and write about all the important stuff.


First, the grad school thing. Well, I found out that the program I want to apply to only accepts one grad student each year. While it certainly is worth the gamble, I mean the entire thing would be paid for, I know that my chances right now are not the best. I believe I am going to wait one more year to get my portfolio in check before applying. I know that this time next year I’m going to be a fierce competitor for that one spot.

Speaking of portfolio, I’ve been sewing every chance I get. I have two volunteer models for my work, and I am scouting out local places that would be fitting for photoshoots. I feel like trying to do sculpture in an abstract sense was a bit of a stretch for me, especially since I love the human figure so much, so I’m going to push the textile sculpture that is fashion design and practice practice practice photography. I’ve found some amazing deals lately on fabric, from thrift stores to garage sales, that I have all this raw material to make something beautiful. I have two dresses, a top, and a skirt going right now, as well as a lolita JSK as a side project. I know that I can make this portfolio the best thing ever, so my goal at the moment is to get as much done before the new year as possible. That is, get as much quality work done. Luckily, my models are super amazing women who have been very accommodating with my crazy antics.

I now have two jobs, the visual merchandising spot at J. Crew and now a seasonal position at Sephora. The Sephora gig is great because it will allow me to meet makeup-savvy women who could help me with my photoshoots. Or, you know, I could learn so much with this job that I could do the makeup for my own shoots (because I love that kind of control mwahahahaha!). It’s going to be exciting working there, and the increase in my paycheck will be nice, but it also means that I won’t have as much time to work on my projects.

Speaking of projects, in addition to the sewing that I’m doing for my portfolio, I’ve signed up for two more craft swaps! I know, I’m crazy, because this is a terrible time with the extra working hours and the fact that I have to make a bunch of Christmas gifts as well, but I couldn’t resist. One is the Post-Apocalyptic Survival Swap, which is so appropriate because the Mayan calendar is supposed to end later this year. The other is an Anime/Manga Swap, which I know I’m going to love and actually serves a dual purpose – any items I receive could potentially be used as Christmas presents (I have family/friends who also love anime).

So, I guess that’s it in terms of updates. My life is great currently, all of the problems are so minor that they don’t even matter. I’m surrounded by things I love, my cats, and the man I love. Halloween is right around the corner (so excited!!!) and Thanksgiving and Christmas after that! I am going home to Florida right after Christmas for a nice 2 week vacation with my family and friends, which will be a nice reward for all of the goals I wish to accomplish before the year is out. So, excited for things to come!



Craft Magic

Hello everyone!

I am a big crafter and the best community of crafters online, that I have found, is that of Craftster. Their forums are fantastic even though I’ve only been a bit of a lurker. I’ve finally taken the plunge and signed up for one of their craft swaps. Now, what exactly is a craft swap you say? It’s  exactly what it sounds like. Everyone who is interested signs up, an organizer pairs people up, and then they swap crafts (by mail)! Craft swaps are organized by topic or theme, something that all of the participants find interesting. I’ve signed up for the Doctor Who swap, since I am a rather large Whovian. I’ve looked at the galleries of past Who Swaps and I must say that I’m really excited by the range of possibilities.

Lolita is a big thing for me, so maybe I’ll make some Loli-Who things. Frilly bowties and TARDIS cuffs. That’s silly sounding… for now. I know that as soon as I make them, they’ll be ah-mazing. Oh silly ideas in my head that need to come out…

I guess I will know more when I get my partner about what I should make but I’m rather overwhelmed at the moment. Too many possibilities? Psh…. I do know that I will be learning how to write Circular Gallifreyan specifically for this. Not sure what it’s going to be on but I do know that it is going to be awesome. Any Whovians out there with some brilliant ideas I can steal?