Gahhh It’s So Cold And I Am Freezing My Butt Off

But the snow is so beautiful and our heat is so wonderful that I can bear it. Interesting fact: our white kitty (who is nicknamed Big White Kitty) doesn’t like the outside but is completely entranced with the snow. So much so that when we opened up the door to let him trot out in it for a bit (with the assumption that he would put one paw in the three or so inches of snow and then high tail it back into the house) he went completely out. He was bewildered and didn’t really know what to make of it, of course, but he was pretty comfortable despite never experiencing snow much less that kind of temperature.


In other news, doing another swap, this time Labyrinth themed! Not sure how it’s going to turn out since my partner really loves the Goblin King (and I do, just for David Bowie, the character actually creeps me the hell out) and I’m lukewarm… at best. But I scored a really great shirt at a thrift store that I know will be in the swap and I have at least one solid mediumish-large that is in the works. I have some other half-formed ideas but I really need to start cracking since my partner has already sent out hers to me! And the deadline isn’t for like a good week and a half. Gosh… realizing that I sound like such a procrastinator. I can’t help it though. I need the pressure of a deadline to motivate me! But it will be spectacular, I’m really excited to not only receive what she has made me, but also the things that I am making/plan on making!

And after a long hiatus I have started watching anime again. The BF wanted to watch Kenshin after lamenting that he hadn’t seen but the first few episodes all those years ago and I’ve just been watching anime nonstop since then. I fell off the bandwagon a while ago since everything I started was just so uninteresting (Bleach, Naruto, yaaaawwwnnnnn) but I’ve found that Hulu has a ridiculous amount of anime that I haven’t even heard of much less seen. So, working my way through that.

I know, one heck of an exciting blog post. Promise there will be interesting stuff next time.




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