Asylum of the Daleks

Asylum of the Daleks

This is my little review on the premiere of the seventh season of the new Doctor Who. It’s not so much a review as it is a reaction, but I guess you could just call it a very opinionated and random review. This is the third season in which we are travelling with the Eleventh Doctor and the last season we have to deal with the annoying Amelia Pond. Thank goodness.

Don’t read on unless you’ve seen the episode or don’t care about spoilers. (Notice the lack of River references)

Asylum of the Daleks

This episode was fantastic. Since we know that Oswin is going to be the next companion (starting in the Christmas episode), I wholeheartedly believe this was a fantastic way to introduce the character mildly for people who are hardcore fans of Rory and Amy. You know, the fans who started watching Doctor Who season 5 and love the Eleven, Amy, Rory triangle and will hatehatehate anyone who comes in to mess that up.

We got a dose of sympathy for Oswin, whose tragic sacrifice at the end there has everyone who knows her planned relationship with the Doctor wondering how she’ll be written back into the story. The best theory I’ve heard is that this is going to be kind of like a River situation, in which the first episode we see is her death. So the Doctor accidentally runs into her before the crash of the Alaska and whisks her away on an adventure until he has to return her so that she can sacrifice herself in (her)future/(his) past. The memory thing is the most troubling part, but it could be that she did remember at the end there when she remembered the tortuous process of being turned into a full-blown Dalek. She definitely says “Remember me.” In any case, Moffat is a superb weaver of timelines, so it’s sure to be a great unfolding of surprises that all make sense in the end. I can’t wait!

Jenna-Louise Coleman

The Lady Trapped in the Dalek

I love the Dalek Asylum, I think it is a great idea but I wonder how long it’s been there. Considering the Daleks have been “wiped out” several times, by the Time War and by the Doctor himself. The reference to the nanobots a la “The Empty Child” were awesome and helped with continuity. Nanobots that turn living and dead things into Daleks – now that’s great technology.

The Daleks in general are awesome and by far the Doctor’s biggest enemy. I mean, they run on hatred. Speaking of which, as Amy was in the process of turning into a Dalek, there is a beautiful scene where she is hallucinating and sees the Daleks as people. My favorite is the spinning Dalek that looks like a young ballerina with beautiful red hair.

The wiping of the Dalek’s memory of the Doctor was also great. The only problem is now that the question has been asked, will the Silence fall? That will definitely be resolved, but right now I’m excited for this next episode! Queen Nefertiti! Dinosaurs on a spaceship! Filtch! Er, not Filtch, just his actor.

As you can see, the best part of this episode for me was Oswin and the mystery surrounding her. She is quite witty, very cute, and would make a great companion. And she makes imaginary souffles. As a whole, I thought the episode was definitely worth the wait in both plot and production value. Let’s just hope the rest of the season is as good!

And there’s more! A rant about Amy Pond. Thought it was best to separate this from an otherwise hate-free post.

<rant> Before the new season aired there was a five episode mini webseries. And by mini, I mean mini, like less than 2 minutes a piece. Called Pond Life, this webseries shows Rory and Amy (in a terrible wig) going about their normal lives, with little phone calls from the Doctor and even a random Ood. Love a good Ood. In any case, we see the Doctor accidentally revealing something dire about the future before realizing that it hasn’t happened to the Pond’s yet – what it is, we don’t know, and I doubt we’ll find out until later in the series.

The last episode of the webseries shows the Doctor calling after no one answered the door at the Pond’s residence, leaving a message while a montage flits by showing Rory and Amy fighting, resulting in Rory moving out. Drama, huh? In any case, this is very important for this first episode of the series because the first time we see the couple is during Amy’s photoshoot, where Rory has come with the dreaded divorce papers. Now, ok, I know Rory has been amazing and wonderful to Amy, and that I really think he deserves way better, but I really thought it had to be something utterly terrible to get him to leave her. He loves her so much. This is why I find it a little unbelievable at the end there when we find out why they broke up.

Asylum of the Daleks

Amy can’t have babies. Rory wants babies. But it’s not that Rory left Amy because she can’t have babies, oh no. Like I said, Rory loves Amy no matter what. The problem is that Amy feels bad about this and feels like Rory would be better off with someone else. So she “gives him up” – I guess by giving him the cold shoulder or telling him to leave or that she doesn’t love him anymore. Had to be something pretty effective because they’re so incredibly cold to each other there at the photoshoot. The thing that gets me is that when Rory wants to give Amy the wristband that will protect her from turning into a Dalek, he explains why it’d take longer for him to turn into a Dalek. As we learned earlier, you make a Dalek by subtracting Love and adding Hate. Rory obviously loves Amy more than Amy loves Rory. And it’s true, I’m sorry to say. It’s a veritable fact. And then Amy has the nerve to say that waiting 2000 years outside a box is nothing compared to giving Rory up. C’mon. Seriously? Amy had to give up Rory for like maybe a month tops? And she’s the one who willingly drove Rory away. I know Amy’s all fury and beauty but she’s an adult too. They could’ve talked about this like adults. I feel it would’ve gone like this:

Rory: I want us to make lots and lots of babies.

Amy: I can’t have kids.

Rory: I love you anyway.

Amy: You idiot, I can’t have kids. That means no babies.

Rory: We can still have sex. And we can adopt babies.

Summation? Rory fell in love with you for you, Amy, not the idea that you would one day give birth to multiple progeny. He didn’t wait 2000 years to be with someone if all he wanted were babies. There are all sorts of dating websites that are filled with women who only want to have babies. Sigh. </rant>

Hope that wasn’t as drawn out as it seems to me.



2 thoughts on “Asylum of the Daleks

    • Hot and cold, that’s definitely a good way to describe it! She’s definitely likeable sometimes, but most of the time I hate her attitude, like the way she treats Rory. It’s really confusing for the progress of the story since Moffat clearly wants us to love her.

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