The Doctor in Stitches

Hi guys!

Today I got my swap partner! Yay! ::happy dance:: So I’m still on this kick of Doctor Who related stuff, even went back to watch my favorite episode with the 11th Doctor (The Doctor’s Wife). The new season starts the 1st of September, which is less than a week away! I don’t usually geek out this much, but next year marks Who’s 50th Anniversary, so I just know that this next season is going to be awesome. After all, they made us wait a year and a half to bring it back (all for a fall premiere!), so we better get our full.

In any case, I’m still thinking about what kind of goodies to make for my swap and I’m on a really big embroidery kick (mostly sequins and beads, but I’m working on the plain thread business). Of course, research abounds and I’ve found some pretty cool things. This is a collection of various Doctor related embroidery that I found on etsy and in the past Doctor Who Swaps.

First is a crosstitch of the wonderful TARDIS by WistfulBird. Simple but lovely!

Next is also a crosstitch, this time of the creepy kid from The Empty Child by oregonstream. Creepy/cool.

This is really really cool. It’s the Weeping Angels (from Blink) surrounding the TARDIS, and below it says “The Angels Have the Phone Box.” This piece was actually the backing to a knitting needle holder, but I think it would look fantastic on a set of pillows. By user GeekySweetheart.

This is one crazy embroidery, I tell ya. I love it because of all the layering of color, which is integral to the piece once I tell you that it’s based off of a piece supposed to be painted by Van Gogh of the TARDIS exploding. This is what mad skills look like. By user PurpleHeather.

Last, and probably my favorite, is this embroidery of the Doctor’s name in Circular Gallifreyan by jennymooredesigns. Really really beautiful!

Of course that last one is my favorite certainly because of the fact that I think CIrcular Gallifreyan is the most beautiful language out there. Ok, made up language, but really beautiful. There are a couple of fan-made guides/tutorials out there, but the one that I’ve found to be most descriptive is by Loren Sherman (temporary site), also found on WikiDot. I’m working on learning it, but it’s proving to be more difficult than I thought…



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